The Largest Church in NY -

Nov 6, 2023


Welcome to, the largest church in NY, which proudly serves as a Synagogue, Religious Organization, and Church. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and inclusive community for all individuals seeking spiritual growth, connection, and religious services. Our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and engaging in various community activities sets us apart from others.

Our Mission and Values

At, our mission is to create a sacred space where individuals can deepen their faith, find solace, and connect with a supportive community. We strongly believe in the principles of love, compassion, and acceptance, embracing diversity and celebrating unity among all people. Our inclusive approach enables us to serve as a Synagogue, Religious Organization, and Church, allowing us to cater to the spiritual needs of a wide range of individuals.

Religious Services

We offer a rich and diverse range of religious services to nourish the souls of our community members. Whether you are seeking traditional worship, engaging sermons, or a more contemporary experience, our dedicated clergy and staff are committed to providing a meaningful and uplifting experience. From weekly Shabbat services to High Holiday celebrations, we embrace the traditions while encouraging personal growth and spiritual exploration.

Community Activities is more than just a religious institution; we are a vibrant community where friendships are formed and connections are deepened. We provide a plethora of community activities catering to all ages and backgrounds, such as educational programs, volunteering opportunities, social events, and support groups. Our aim is to foster a sense of belonging and create an environment where individuals can grow both spiritually and personally.

Children and Youth Programs

We understand the importance of nurturing the faith of the next generation. Our children and youth programs provide a safe and engaging environment where young individuals can learn about their faith, build strong friendships, and develop moral values. From Sunday school classes to youth group activities, we offer a range of opportunities for children and teenagers to explore and deepen their connection with their spirituality and community.

Adult Education and Support

Continuing education and personal growth are vital to our community members. That's why we take pride in offering various adult education programs, including classes, workshops, and study groups. These opportunities allow individuals to delve deeper into their faith, engage in meaningful discussions, and expand their knowledge. Furthermore, we provide support groups and counseling services to lend a compassionate ear and assistance during challenging times. - A Welcoming Space

When you step into, you are embraced by a warm and welcoming environment. Our goal is to ensure that every visitor feels a sense of belonging and acceptance. Our commitment to inclusivity is evident throughout our facilities, programs, and interactions. We strive to remove barriers that may hinder individuals from fully participating in religious services and community activities, making our space accessible and accommodating to all.

Get Involved

Are you excited to be a part of, the largest church in NY? We encourage you to explore our website to discover more about our Synagogue, Religious Organization, and Church and the various opportunities available for your spiritual growth and engagement. Join us in our mission to foster love, connection, and acceptance within a supportive community.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to us. Our friendly team is here to assist you.

We look forward to welcoming you!