Welcome to the Summer Choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church Denver CO

Jan 26, 2022

If you are looking for a unique and uplifting experience this summer, look no further than the Summer Choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church in Denver, CO. Our choir provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals of all ages and singing abilities to come together and create beautiful music while building connections within our community of faith.

Why Join the Summer Choir?

Joining the Summer Choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church offers a multitude of benefits for both your musical growth and personal well-being. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider becoming a part of our vibrant choir community:

1. Connect with Others

Music has a unique way of bringing people together, and the Summer Choir is no exception. By joining our choir, you will have the chance to meet individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common love for music and faith. Build lasting friendships, share in joyful experiences, and create lifelong memories with people who understand your passion for singing.

2. Experience the Joy of Singing

Singing is a powerful form of self-expression that can bring immense joy and fulfillment. The Summer Choir provides a platform for you to express yourself through music, allowing you to tap into your creative side and experience the transformative power of singing. Whether you are a seasoned vocalist or new to singing, our choir welcomes all levels of experience.

3. Enhance Your Musical Skills

Being a part of the Summer Choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church gives you the opportunity to sharpen your musical skills and grow as a vocalist. Our dedicated choir director and talented accompanists provide valuable guidance, helping you improve your vocal technique, learn new musical styles, and expand your repertoire. Whether you want to learn to sight-read or refine your harmonization skills, our choir offers a supportive environment for personal growth.

4. Perform in Inspiring Worship Services

The Summer Choir participates in our weekly worship services, adding a special touch to our congregational gatherings. Experience the joy of performing in a supportive, faith-filled environment where your voice contributes to the spiritual journey of others. Connect with the congregation and make a meaningful impact through the power of music.

Our Summer Choir Schedule

The Summer Choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church holds rehearsals on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM throughout the summer months. We understand that summer is a time for vacations and other commitments, so our rehearsals are designed to be flexible to accommodate various schedules. Whether you can attend every rehearsal or only a few, we welcome your participation with open arms.

In addition to weekly rehearsals, we also hold several special events and performances throughout the summer. These include community concerts, outreach initiatives, and collaborative performances with other local choirs. By joining our Summer Choir, you will have the opportunity to showcase your talent and be part of something truly remarkable.

Become a Member of the Summer Choir Today

We invite you to join the Summer Choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church and become part of a vibrant and welcoming community of faith. No auditions are required, and there are no membership fees to join. Simply bring your love for singing, an open heart, and a desire to connect with others through music.

To learn more about how to join our Summer Choir or to inquire about rehearsal schedules and upcoming events, please visit our website or contact our church office. We look forward to welcoming you to the Summer Choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church in beautiful Denver, CO!

Tino Schrader
The Summer Choir seems like a wonderful way to spend the summer. Looking forward to it!
Nov 17, 2023
Yvette King
That sounds like the perfect way to make joyful melodies and connect with others during the summer months! Can't wait to join the Summer Choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church and be a part of this uplifting experience. Music has a way of bringing people together and I'm excited to be a part of this wonderful community of faith. Let's harmonize and spread some positivity this summer! 🎶
Nov 11, 2023
Tim Schaad
This is exactly what I've been looking for! I'm thrilled to be a part of the Summer Choir.
Nov 2, 2023
Robert Trimbole
Sounds like a🎵 harmony-filled summer!
Oct 6, 2023
Matthew Horne
It's so amazing to have a space where everyone's singing abilities are welcomed. Makes me want to join!
Sep 29, 2023
Rich Blakemore
I always enjoy singing, and this sounds like a great way to do it with a community!
Aug 21, 2023
Darren Walsh
I'm excited about the chance to sing with a community this summer. Count me in!
Aug 18, 2023
Karl Doughty
I've been looking for a choir to join this summer! Excited to check this out.
Jul 10, 2023
Donna Creekmore
Is there a specific age requirement to join the Summer Choir? I'd love to know more.
Jul 8, 2023
Rachel Rooney
I've heard great things about the choir at Wellshire Presbyterian Church. Can't wait to be a part of it this summer!
May 29, 2023
John Nick
It's great to have a chance to be part of something uplifting and unique. Looking forward to it!
Apr 23, 2023
Mark Davidoff
I'm glad to have found this opportunity. Can't wait to be a part of the Summer Choir!
Apr 14, 2023
Dana Varga
I've always wanted to be part of a choir. This seems like an amazing opportunity to give it a try.
Mar 9, 2023
Ryan Landry
The idea of creating beautiful music in the summer is so appealing. Can't wait to join the choir!
Nov 20, 2022
This sounds like a fantastic way to spend the summer. I'm definitely interested!
Sep 20, 2022
Rich Spencer
The Summer Choir sounds like a perfect way to make the most of the summer. Can't wait to participate!
Sep 16, 2022
Kathryn Bouey
What a wonderful opportunity to come together and create beautiful music. I'm looking forward to it! 🎶
Feb 22, 2022
Denis Sneesby
I love the idea of creating beautiful music together. Count me in!
Feb 11, 2022